Due Monday, April 18th

You must bring to class, and be prepared to discuss, at least one platform promise from each of the central federal candidates (Conservative, Liberal, NDP)


On a separate piece of paper to hand in, Aanswer the questions from Part I after doing the assigned reading from the text.   To set the tone for your letter, you are to answer and hand in the questions 2, 3, and 4 from part II after reading the two articles “Slavery in China” and “Woman Drags Sledge of Coal.”  Ensure that you actively read this articles: “circle key words, highlight important phrases, define words you don’t know, and summarize in the margins.” Once your questions are complete, you may begin to write the letter.  You are to write your letter from one of the three perspectives listed and address it to that character’s mother.  This is an informal letter, so no formal format is necessary, but you must include the date on the top, and be sure to sign it at the end.  The ‘think about’ bullets are required elements in the letter, as I explained to the class already.  The initial questions are to set the stage for your assumed perspective and the ‘think about’ are elements that need to be written about in the letter.  The questions from Part I and Part II should be complete by the end of class Thursday and this letter is due at the end of the class on Friday, so they all are to be hand-written neatly and double spaced.

Thursday, April 7

Major Written Assignment #2
Source Analysis:  Due Tuesday, April 12

See Mrs. Daniher if you missed this class

Historical Globalization begins....

read pp 125-129, so you are prepared for class tomorrow :)

Due Monday March 7:  Answers to "Discovery Series: International Space Station" guiding questions

     What technology was shared and how?
     What ideas were shared and how?
     How does the International Space Station exemplify globalization?

Remember to use the SEE pattern in your answers!
colonize (colonization)

Due Thursday, March 3: outline ready for rough draft

Due Monday, March 7: Globalization at Home questions in the booklet/Globalization Booklet As A Whole.  Categorize your 20-item lists from home in three ways:  type of item, price range, country of manufacture and attach it to the booklet.  

Essay Assignment: due Wednesday, March 9th

 handout from class March 2
see Mrs. Daniher if you missed this class

Collective Identity vs Individual Identity...  a vocabulary list:
role model
universalization of popular culture
cultural diversity

Vocabulary from Wednesday's class:

transnational corporations
World Bank
social globalization
economic globalization
technological globalization

For Wednesday: Google multiple intelligence quiz.  take the test.  write down or print off your results and be prepared to discuss them in class.

Due Tuesday, February 8th
A letter to Mrs. D: setting study goals

*This letter is to be formatted in formal letter style.
*Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced.
*Address 3 goals you have set based on the study skills quiz we took in Friday's class.
*in 3 separate paragraphs,(one for each goal) explain the problem/issue, state the goal related to this issue (BE SPECIFIC!), the steps you will take to attain this goal, and your prediction of the result.

Remember to sign your letter.

You may e-mail the letter or any questions to me at sldaniher@cbe.ab.ca or shawn.daniher@gmail.com